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Aukana Temple


Aukana Old Stone Sanctuary is a consecrated Buddhist sanctuary district that has various worth-seeing holy deposits including Aukana Buddha, an enormous Buddha sculpture cut out of a huge single stone, overshadowing 40ft level, being the example of phenomenal old model innovation of the country. Both nearby and unfamiliar pioneers and vacationers visit this holy vacation spot in Sri Lanka to see this tallest old-standing Buddha sculpture of the country, cut out extravagantly in fifth century BC with a fascinating history behind it. Here you investigate both the antiquated development and culture and the antique yet best stone-craft of Sri Lanka.

Vacation destinations At and Close to Aukana Buddhist Sanctuary

Aukana Town is a serene region with rich vegetation and shades comprising of a few little sanctuaries with stupas, sculptures, and consecrated deposits. Situated close to the Aukana Rajamha Viharaya sanctuary, seen at the entry, the Aukana Buddha sculpture is the best entertainment that is going to takes you over. Inside a huge old holy place, it is a standing sculpture, viewed as the tallest old sculpture of Budhha with roughly 12 meters level, made from single stone without complete partition, yet with a restricted layer of rock left at the back side of the sculpture offering confirmation. There is another sculpture of a significant level close by in an incomplete structure recounting an alternate story. You have Kala Wewa supply close by.

History Behind Aukana Sanctuary and Buddha Sculpture

Being quite possibly of the best-antiquated sculptures and sanctuaries in Sri Lanka, which traces all the way back to the fifth hundred years, has a few intrusting stories behind it. Set up during the rule of Dhatusena, the sculpture is supposed to be the consequence of a contest between a stone-chiseling ace and a student who chose to build Budhha sculptures for themselves. Whoever completes it initially needs to report the accomplishment by the ringer. According to the story, the master won and his creation is what you see as Aukana Buddha sculpture. Strangely, the sculpture (Sesseruwa) made by the student is found 16 kilometers away at Reswehera Rajamaha Viharaya sanctuary in an incomplete express, the archeological information vary.

Best Time and Season To Visit Aukana Sanctuary

Having a tropical savanna environment common, the district, where Aukana Buddha Sanctuary is found, has both a dry season and a wet season every year. From January through September, it is the dry season in the district ideal for your encounter with differing temperatures and fluctuating chances of downpours. January through May can be much of the time bright and months from May through September are driest. Ordinarily opening from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, the best time for visiting the Aukana Buddha Sculpture is the breaking of the primary beams of the Sun when carvings are best watched.

How To Arrive at Aukana Sanctuary, Avukana Town?

The Avukana Buddha sculpture and this sanctuary limits are situated in the Avukana (Aukana) town in the Anuradhapura region in Sri Lanka, close to the Kekirawa Divisional Sectreteriate and Kala Wewa repository situated 30 kilometers northwest of Dambulla. By street, Aukana town is arrived at by taking Dambulla - Anuradhapura street (A9), by Talawa street at Kekirawa. 5 kilometers past down the Talawa street, take left at Ehalagama intersection. From Colombo, the Aukana is associated by rail route by most trains coming by means of Anuradhapura. The closest stations would be Kekirawa and Kala Wewa.

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